Brothers A-Reece and Jay Jody reveal their joint tape heaveN caN waiT as a tribute to their late father

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Brothers A-Reece and Jay Jody reveal their joint tape heaveN caN waiT as a tribute to their late father

Multi-Award Winner and chart-topper A-Reece (Lehlogonolo Ronald Mataboge) is a true paradox. On the one hand, the South African rapper and songwriter, has amassed a cult-like following in his ever-loyal fans. He trends on Twitter regularly, and yet, on the other hand, remains mysterious to the public, choosing to nurture the pure form of his music as a creative lone-wolf, periodically emerging to share beautifully crafted profoundly musical timeless hip-hop – constantly reminding us, that he flows to his own prolific beat. Today South African Hip-Hop Icon A-Reece releases a unique project in collaboration with brother Jay Jody titled “heaveN caN wait” as a tribute to their late father.

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About heaveN caN waiT:

“This album is dedicated to our father and it was made in his memory & spirit. We celebrate his life and life in general. We hope this album will encourage everyone listening to appreciate the gift that is life and everyone around them. To go for their dreams and pursue their heart’s desires with positive energy while they still have the chance to do so. To confront any circumstance with understanding & honesty” Jay Jody

Jay Jody

About the Blue tape:

Used by painters to protect walls from bleed-through. Blue tape guarantees crisp, clean lines, ensuring the paint goes where it needs to. This inspired the name for the duo “as we believe we are painting vivid, relatable pictures with our music. BLUE TAPE represents art, precision & progress” 

Jay Jody

About the Music:

“Every song in the album has its own life, feeling and energy. Just as how life has its moments, whether good or bad.  It’s a journey, just like how life is a journey”

Jay Jody 

A-Reece On single: ‘bilL russelL’:

“This song is the first song we started working on for the album and the crazy part is that it also took the longest to complete out of all the songs we worked on – I already knew it was gonna be special when IceMan sent me the beat. Simply because I was already enjoying the beat before even coming up with any real ideas for it. I spent days just listening to it, enjoying the instrumental, smoking to it, playing it while driving. Jody and I were fresh out of a conversation about making the album and getting it done and I remember I kept saying to myself: ‘I need to bring my A-game if I’m gonna work with this man. I need to tap into a different pocket on this project’. 

I told myself I’m not playing the beat for Jody until I write something to it. The beat provides a modern bounce yet also a musical feel to it with some samba vibes making it eccentric but still hip hop. That’s when I decided to hold the beat by the hips and literally tango with it. Before thinking of the first line I just remember going: ‘if rap was a sport and we got championship rings for being the best I would probably be the Bill Russell of hip hop’.  

Jody lived up to the concept with his verse just as I expected. What I didn’t expect was how he would approach the hook. I always tell him I would’ve never thought of doing it that way. And that’s the only way that makes sense now that he did it. Soon after laying out the verses and the hook, Jody and I kept mimicking a saxophone melody that we eventually took seriously and decided a saxophone is missing. 

Jody knew just the right people to get and we immediately acted on it. It took us weeks to piece it together with Saul and Malusi and the process was nothing short of fun and inspiring to experience.”   


Connect with A-Reece:

Facebook: @reecetheboydoingthings

Twitter: @reece_youngking

Instagram: @theboydoingthings

Connect with Jay Jody

Facebook: @JayJodyOriginal  

Twitter: @OriginalJayJody

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